403(b) / TSA's

KEI Financial has a wide range of products to meet the needs of the 403(b) industry.  When working with employees of the public school sector, we facilitate all necessary paperwork to start contributing to a plan.  We have the ability to work with most providers on your districts approved list and we strive to put you in the best product that meets your needs.  We are not product pushers, we match investments to goals.

Here are some industry myths.

Myth # 1  403(b)'s can only be offered by insurance companies.

Answer-403(b)'s can actually be mutual funds or insurance products.  In fact, if you are investing through a variable annuity you may be paying higher annual expenses for that product.

Myth # 2  My school district has a specific company that I have to work with.

Answer-Typically the districts DO NOT endorse or recommend any specific company or advisor.  Employees often believe that the district health benefit representatives are also the ones that are supposed to help them with thier 403(b) accounts.  Acctually, these representatives ARE NOT supposed to be soliciting for the 403(b) plans.